Beauty in the Everyday:
Coventry Haiku Project


The people of Coventry were invited to celebrate National Poetry
Day by writing a haiku about something beautiful they had
observed in an otherwise (potentially) mundane week. The result: a
snapshot of life throughout the city focusing on moments of hope,
joy or simple beauty.
Originally from Japan, haiku consist of 3 lines – the first with 5
syllables, the second with 7, the last with 5. They usually centre
on a moment, a thought, an observation, and make reference to the
season in which they’re written. The final line will often include a
shift of focus, a twist or gentle surprise.
The poems featured in this book were selected by Lorsen Camps,
Coventry Haiku Project Coordinator and George Ttoouli, Honorary
Teaching Fellow from the University of Warwick’s Creative Writing
programme. Local photographers were then invited to capture
images to complement the haiku.

Visit the CoventryHaikuProject page on Facebook to read  all of the haiku submitted - feel free to add your own contribution!

Haiku: Louise van der Linden, Photograph: Dave Gray (2011) 

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