Beauty in the Disregarded (2008)

A mixed media group exhibition with work by Rachel Atterton, Lorsen Camps,
David Garnett, Francis Godwin, Martin Green, Joanna Rucklidge & Zoe Scott 

Detail 1
BITD, Old Leamington Art Gallery and Museum, Leamington Spa

Detail 2

Detail 3

BITD (Title Piece) (2008) Lorsen Camps & John Osborne
Found Printing Blocks

Wing Mirror (2008), Lorsen Camps
Found Wing Mirrors, MDF, metal frame 

Cabinet 3: Photo Objects (2008)
Digital Photographs of Second Hand Objects on MDF blocks, Lorsen Camps

Cabinet 2: Found Objects (detail) (2008)
Lorsen Camps & Joanna Rucklidge

Fork Walks (detail) (2008)
Found Forks on Tiles, Joanna Rucklidge

Overlooked and Undervalued (2008)
Photographic Prints, Rachel Atterton

Untitled (2008)
Found Wood, David Garnett

19 Found Passport Photographs (detail) (2008)
Found Passport Photographs, Martin Green

Glass Sculptures (detail) (2008)
Found Glass and Dragon Fly, Francis Godwin

Private View - reading Kissing Wife (2008), Text on Paper, Zoe Scott

Private View

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